Recommendations and ways of using grapefruit seed extract – Grapefruit


Recommendations and ways of using grapefruit seed extract – Grapefruit

Extract Grapefruit has many ways of application due to its unique antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.

 Because of these properties in the U.S. and Europe is in every home just like aspirin or patch.

It’s the most commonly used for the prevention of various diseases as well as help in the treatment of frequent and common diseases such as colds, flu, kanididijaze, urinary tract and kidney caused by Escherichia coli, sinusitis, etc…

Because of its active substances such as polyphenols naringin, quercetin, helperidina, campherol glokozida, neofelperidina, apigenin … acts bactericidal and bacteriostatic to more than 800 bacterial species, 100 species of fungi and a large number of viruses. Active substances grapefruit extract the bacteria, fungi and viruses such as certain baktrijiama destroying the cell membrane (bactericidal action) and certain bacteria, fungi and viruses inhibit and slow the reproduction (bacteriostatic).

Extracts of grapefruit also has a feature that alkalized organizam tj. increased pH factor which also leads to an unfavorable environment for the propagation of bacteria, viruses and fungi because these microorganisms are most “like” a slightly acidic environment for athletes accelerates neutralization and degradation of pyruvic acid which accumulates in muscles in the anaerobic phase of exercise. Also enhances the usability and the reabsorption of vitamin in the body and bind and neutralize free radicals and thus acts antioxidant. He is also known for its characteristic immunity to put into overdrive and that’s why it was called in America “Imunne BOOSTER”.


The best way to use the extract and grapefruit is preventive.

This will improve the general health, and protection against common diseases such as colds, flu … will regulate blood fat, and will help in keeping reductive diet because it speeds up the breakdown of fatty deposits.

ZFor preventive taking enough that daily morning and evening 5-10 drops of grapefruit extract dropped to 2 dl water, your favorite juice or tea with honey. This will improve the reabsorption and utilization of vitamins, especially vitamin C, immunity will be significantly improved and will also act as a “podmlađivač” due to their antioxidant characteristics.

Sportsmen and recreationists:

 With professional athletes and amateurs is recommended taking grapefruit extract and it has a feature to “alkalize” the body and improves the breakdown of fat stores.

We know that when training when entering the anaerobic phase of the muscles releases pyruvic acid, which the body is unable to resorb and out of the body quickly enough.

Therefore, there is accumulation of metabolites in muscle, and therefore leads to muscle fatigue and the famous “sore muscles.” Due to its characteristics that alkalized body extract of grapefruit seed successfully neutralize this metabolite and thus improves muscle performance and prolongs the time will come to fatigue lifters and competitors. Also, this medicine successfully helps to decompose fatty tissue and increases the utilization of vitamins, especially vitamin C.

In the days when no training should take preventive doses of this preparation which is 2x a day 10 drops in preparation 2dl water, juice or vitamin drink.

In the days of training it is best to take the therapeutic dose and up to 1h 30min before training 2dl 15 drops in water, during exercise dissolve 15 drops of extract in a vitamin drink that we use during training and after training drink another 15 drops of dilute in 2 oz of water . This will rid the body much faster anaerobic metabolites that accumulate in the muscles and improve performance and results lifters and competitors.

Colds, flu

When these common diseases is needed three times daily instil 15 drops of extract in 2dl water, your favorite juice or tea with honey. Its recommended to drink and effervescent tablets of vitamin C.


In people who have bacterial sinusitis must grapefruit extract used in two ways. Drink it in the same way as a cold or flu, 3 times daily 15 drops in water, juice, tea or vitamin C. It is also necessary to instil 2dl saline extract and 10 drops of a dropper (nasal or eye) ukapavati this solution 3 times a day in the nose.

Sore throat and tonsils (tonsillitis)

In this also the usual diseases it is necessary to dissolve 3x daily 15 drops of grapefruit seed extract in 2dl best tea of chamomile or sage before the solution is swallowed first izgrgljati good throat solution. This procedure should be repeated 7 days.


Kadidijaza is a fungal disease caused by the fungus Candida albicans. It is usually a disease that occurs in people who take high doses of long-term antibiotics, in which the normal bacterial flora and balance disrupted in people who have disturbed immunity. Candida albicans is a fungal infection that can cause systemic disease, intestinal infections, infections of the mouth, vaginal infection. Depending upon which part of the body is affected by this fungus are different ways of application and extract and grapefruit.

Systemic candidiasis

KIn systemic candidiasis is necessary to take drops of grapefruit extract and a minimum of four weeks and so you start with 10 drops 3 times daily in 2dl water. This dose is increased each day by 1 drop until it reaches the 15 drops 3 times a day.

For better and faster results can even drink in high doses every 2-3 hours up to 20 to 30 drops a week.

Intestinal candidiasis:

With this type of candidiasis is advisable taking drops of grapefruit extract and in the same manner as in the systemic candidiasis by taking probiotic tablet or capsule.

Extract of grapefruit juice does not affect the normal intestinal flora in normal doses. Over a period of 30 days is necessary to abstain from certain foods that contribute to the growth of candida and that milk and dairy products, sweets, fruit juices, alcoholic beverages.

Vaginal candidiasis

 With this type of disease that is common in women in the reproductive stage, it is necessary to make a solution with 15 drops of the extract of grapefruit 2dl in water or saline. The solution to enter the syringe and douche vagina until exhausted all solution. The process repeated 3 times a day at least 7 days.

Candidiasis of the oral cavity

For people who suffer from this type of candidiasis extract of grapefruit is best to use so you will be in 2dl water or unsweetened tea dissolve 10-15 drops of extract and then take a little of the solution which was shaken in his mouth at some 20 seconds and then spit out a solution and until Overall amount of spent solution. In the same manner to make a solution that will be 3 times a day and drink. Procedure repeated 3 times a day until there are problems. You should abstain from foods that are conducive to the development of candida milk and dairy products, sweets, fruit juices, alcoholic beverages.

Infection of the bladder and urinary tract

Intake recommended in these infections is 15 drops of 2-3DL water, juice, tea, and most preferably 20-30 nu high dose drops every 2 to 3 hours a week. Can be combined with UVIN tea!

Stomach pain and food poisoning

EGrapefruit seed extract has been used successfully with foodborne intoxication and poisoning. The causes of these poisonings are usually salmonella and E. coli that has been successfully operating grapefruit extract.

 Where j occurred poisoning should be taken 3 times daily 15 drops dissolved in tea, water or rehydration solution (saline, Orosal).Z). Because this is an indispensable companion to every mobile pharmacy you carry with you on the road. If you are traveling to some “exotic” country is very useful to take preventive 2x a day 10 drops dissolved in water.


  For people who are carriers of this virus in low immunity comes to developing ulcers usually on the upper ie lower lip or nose. To improve immunity should drink a solution of 15 drops of extract in 2dl water and is recommended to be taken along with vitamin C. To sores as soon as the last should be treated solution.

Helika bacterium

There is evidence that positive under control and working with people who have problems with these bacteria that is often resistant to a large number of antibiotics. Taking a solution of 15 drops of extract in water 2dl minimum of 30 days.

OUTDOOR USE grapefruit seed extracts

 Fungal infections of the nails, feet::

Grapefruit extract is very effective in combating fungal infections of the nails, feet, and skin. It is also effective for the disease, “sports foot.” If a fungal infection of the nail affected fingers legs is useful to extract of not diluted gets on diseased nail and rub 3x daily.

KFor treatment of sports feet necessary to dilute it and in 1L of water 20-30 drops in such a solution soak your feet for 10 minutes 3 times a day. In this way we can successfully fight against excessive sweating feet. This solution can be treated and shoes and so what the solution is put into a hand sprayer and footwear and insoles are sprayed solution and then leave the shoes to dry naturally. For the treatment of fungal diseases, “the sports foot” and fungal infections of the nails also need to be treated and shoes because shoes is an ideal place for the development of fungi and bacteria.


Bad breath:

Shake and gargle your mouth with a solution that is made with water or mint tea, chamomile or sage. In 2dl put 15 drops of extract.

Oral hygiene and ceramic bridges:

There are more ways to use the extract of grapefruit in personal oral hygiene. The first is that the paste is applied to a brush gets 1-2 drops of the extract and by brushing teeth, that after the second wash solution was agitated with a mouth 2dl water and 15 drops of the extract. Third, and most effective, especially for people who have ceramic bridges, implants and other Crowns is that in the apparatus dental irrigator (or gum massager, water pick, water toothpick) put 2dl chamomile tea, sage can be ordinary water and dropped 15 drops extract. That made solution used in its entirety and the process should be repeated 3 times a day.


After dental hygiene and mouth izmućkati 2dl mouth with chamomile tea and sage who was dropped in 15 drops of grapefruit extract 3x a day.

Gingivitis, stomatitis (inflammation of the gums and soft tissues of the mouth):

For successful treatment it is important that there is no tartar on the teeth!

After dental hygiene and mouth izmućkati 2dl mouth with chamomile tea and sage who was dropped in 15 drops of grapefruit extract 3x a day..

Disinfection and cleaning acrylic and vironit braces:

With a wide and soft brush first wash prosthesis with mild soap and rinse under running water. Then put a drop of a few drops of the extract on the prosthesis and also a good rub the brush and then again rinse well under running water.

TIt is also very useful to make a solution of 15-20 drops of extract in 2 ml water and soak your dentures for 20 minutes and after the treatment was well rinsed under water. These procedures will stretch to keep your dentures clean as the ideal foundation for the development of fungi and bacteria!

Treatment of postoperative wound in the mouth:

In 1 dl saline, chamomile tea or sage instil 7-8 drops of grapefruit extract and slowly and gently shake his mouth. It repeated 3 times a day. Of course maintain regular oral hygiene as much as possible!

Teenage acne:

Acne can be successfully kept under control everyday use grapefruit seed extract. Make a solution with 2dl chamomile tea or sage in which the solutions of 15-20 drops of extract. 3 times daily after washing with soap dip a cotton ball in the solution and apply it to the solution of the face and then leave it to dry naturally on the face. Once dry again wash your face with lukewarm water. Besides being a natural antibiotic, this medicine has astringent properties which leads to drying acne and closing the pores of the skin so that bacteria tend to penetrate the skin and cause infekciju.Paziti tend not to come in contact with your eyes!

Disinfection of the skin:

  Extract of grapefruit has a very beneficial effect on the skin of the whole body if it dropped into the tub while bathing.


 Proved to be a powerful odstranjvač dandruff. When you put your shampoo into a fist over it, drizzle a few drops of the extract and thus good rub your hair and scalp.


Relieves the symptoms of psoriasis on the skin of the body and drastically reduces prolonged period smoothness of the skin and delaying its peeling. Make a solution with 2dl water and 15 drops of extract. Treat the affected 3x daily solution and be sure to drink 15 drops 3x per day, the longer the better.

Intimate hygiene:

Extract of grapefruit seed is very suitable for intimate hygiene and body parts in a solution of water or chamomile tea. In water or tea dissolve 15 drops of extract and overwrite the intimate parts of the body and then rinse under running water.


Grapefruit seed extract eases symptoms of hemorrhoids, thus preventing infection and relieves symptoms of inflammation. In 2dl cold (refrigerated) water or chamomile tea instil 15 drops of extract and with this solution to maintain hygiene 3x daily.

Grapefruit seed extract is absolutely not harmful, natural dietary product that uses and protects the body and the environment because it is made entirely from natural ingredients, and is also bio degradable. People who are allergic to citrus, this medicine can be used indefinitely long period of time.


For internal use some people to stomach problems sometimes occur in the form of torment or mild pain in the abdomen. For this reason, it is recommended to gradually raise the dose. 5 drops of the first day in 2dl water and then raising the daily dose of 1 drop until a dose of 15 drops 3 times a day.

For serious illnesses, bacteria, viruses, colds and flu can be freely DRINK UP TO 30 DROPS every 2-3 hours.

Pregnant and lactating women should not use this preparation without first checking with your doctor.

People allergic to arguments must not use this dietary product!

NEVER USE THE PRODUCT FOR NOT dilute may cause irritation of the mucous membranes of the mouth and digestive tract!